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At PWL, we are committed to providing the highest level of service and best possible outcomes for our clients. We take the time to develop a close relationship and understand each client’s unique needs. We pride ourselves on prompt, clear, and efficient consultation. We’re always striving to deliver creative, practical solutions to our clients.

Our services


Our experts will bring international practice and knowledge to provide advisory and help you on consolidation process optimization, merger transactions, financial statements translation and etc.

Implementation and Support

End-to-end implementation and hand-on support, from project consideration through launch and day-to-day operation. With our proven international solution, it will help to improve your rigorous finance processes with traceable figures and provide reliable information any time you need.


Are you starting to do consolidation or dealing with complex consolidation structure? As we specialized in consolidation and processes, you can learn how to simplify your processes with practical case studies.

Our solutions

As an authorized partner of Prophix (previously named as SigmaConso) in Thailand, we offer our simplified and flexible solution to help you to automate/ improve your financial process.

Consolidation and Reporting

Financial consolidation software for consolidation and group controlling – 100% truly web-based financial consolidation and reporting. It is user-friendly solution with full ability to customize by users. The software provides robust consolidation engines, support multiple accounting standards and multi-currency for international group company and fully traceable of financial figures to meet accountants and auditor needs.

Intercompany Reconciliation

Tons of intercompany transactions is a time-consuming activity in reconciliation. With intercompany module, which is also 100% web-based solution with intuitive interface. This solution will help and accelerate reconciliation process before enter into consolidation process.

Planning and Budgeting

Consider how long do you use for budget preparation though getting approved by top management? and what if figures change, how many spreadsheets needed to update?

To simplify budgeting and forecasting process, our planning solution is able to help you to plan at any business level from operational (revenue, personnel, capital expenditure and etc.) , integrate with your strategic plan with the single version of truth to provide value information for right decision making.

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